Philip Asare


Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream |

Headshot of Prof Philip Aasare

Professor Asare joined ISTEP in July 2020. He is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Engineering Science with a cross-appointment to ISTEP. His teaching within EngSci and

ISTEP focuses on engineering design and transdisciplinary competencies. Professor Asare sees engineering as an activity geared towards human goals, full of rich and interesting stories of how particular ideas or products came to be. His approach to engineering and engineering education focuses this view of engineering as a human activity, and the implication of this perspective for engineering education and practice.

A significant theme of his teaching and projects focuses on how we educate engineers to operate in the complex socio-technical world, particularly how we create an engineering community that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable, and the related benefits for society of such an engineering community. In February 2023, Professor Asare was appointed to the role of Dean’s Advisor on Black Inclusivity at U of T Engineering.  

Previous to joining U of T Engineering, Professor Asare was an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Bucknell University. He also spent time as a Scholar-in Residence at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration while earning his PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Virginia.