Preparing future engineers

The first of its kind in Canada, ISTEP brings together existing initiatives, academic programming, scholarship and people from across the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering to create a vibrant ecosystem for instruction innovation

Engineering Leadership

ISTEP supports the integration of leadership and team-learning into core courses across U of T Engineering

Global Perspective

ISTEP works with partners across the Faculty to embed global context into your engineering courses and overall student experience


ISTEP works with many course instructors, starting right in first year, to provide you with a solid foundation in the principles of effective communication

Ethics & Societal Impact

ISTEP is passionate about sociotechnical theory and engineering ethics. We’re excited to explore this dimension of engineering with you

Engineering Business

ISTEP faculty research and teach engineering business practices and support the integration of economics and business instruction in U of T Engineering curriculum


ISTEP fosters a rich ecosystem that nurtures the thriving culture of entrepreneurship across the Faculty and University

Engineering Education

The Collaborative Specialization in Engineering Education is an interdisciplinary initiative designed for students who are interested in pursuing courses and research in engineering education

Career Development

ISTEP works behind the scenes to support career-development initiatives for U of T Engineering students

ISTEP Research

Through our research we are reimagining the domain of 21st century engineering and the identity of modern engineers. Our core research activities fall into three major interrelated areas: Engineering Education, Transdisciplinary Competencies, and Engineering Practice

Designing the Future

U of T Engineering Impact Report 2022

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ISTEP faculty member Professor Elham Marzi discusses innovations in engineering education on Tell Me More: Coffee with Chris Yip, the official podcast of U of T Engineering.